Saturday, February 27, 2010


My youngest daughter moved to a warmer state because of a job opportunity. It turned out to be a great city with a pleasant climate and occasionally when we talked on the phone we would compare temperatures. There was no reason to compare snowfalls as she only rarely got an inch or so.

My husband retired recently and, being an outdoor type, bought a snowmobile last fall in preparation. He fishes, plays golf, and gardens the rest of the year. But he would need something to do during the winter months.

Who would have thought that my daughter wouldn't be able to come home for Christmas because there was 2 feet of snow on the ground in a city that doesn't know how to cope with it. Businesses were shut down and the roads didn't get cleared for days. On the other hand, my husband's snowmobile sat in a barn for weeks because Western Mass. was snowless.

Rather than have it sit around collecting dust, my husband decided to sell his snowmobile to someone who lived in a higher elevation where they had been getting "some" snow. The following day it snowed and snowed some more.
Fortunately, he hasn't gotten the check yet for the machine, so he did manage to take a snowmobile ride today for the first and probably the last time.

And the snow we had this week was heavy and wet. We lost a branch on our locust tree which fortunately missed the picture window on its way down.

This is our neighbor's house with a large branch down.

And my husband's Japanese garden buried under the fluffy stuff.

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