Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little Fun after the Snowfall

Sometimes you just do a craft show because you know it will be fun.  I occasionally am asked for advice about the criteria I use for selecting shows to apply to.  And I definitely have my list -- well established, good traffic, communicative organizers, no re-sellers, etc.  But Handmade with Love, the little show at Eastworks that happens twice a year, has always been an exception.  While it ticks several of my must have boxes, it's still a small show with traffic well below the 3000 I generally look for.  But the organizers are organized, the handmade arts and crafts are varied and well made, and the vendors are all local and all friends.

So even after Nemo hit and they had to postpone until the next day and a few of the artists weren't available on Sunday, it was still a successful show.  Yes, traffic was lower than usual and sales were a bit off.  But in between groups of customers who seemed to come in waves, we chatted, checked out each others' newest items, got caught up on what shows we were applying to, and even had a little unofficial AWM meeting about our planned Demo Day.  More about that in the future.

Then came a little impromptu treat that I hope will become a tradition at this show. As it got close to closing time, Jen pulled down one of her very ornately painted guitars and she and Karen serenaded us with a few oldies.

You know they were REALLY oldies since I knew all the words.

So for those of you who were unfortunately still shoveling on Sunday, you missed a great little artisan show in Easthampton.