Arts and Crafts Show Reviews 2013--November

Handicrafts & Collectibles Show at Salem Cross Inn

I've done this show 3 or 4 times now so I don't have a lot to add from previous years' reviews.  This is a small show, maybe 40 vendors.  It takes place in a historic building that is rustic and dark. Vendors are placed in 4 different locations on 3 floors.

In previous years I was placed on the 2nd floor.  Spaces there are a bit larger and easier to set up.  But I always felt that traffic there wasn't as heavy as traffic in the main building, the barn.  This year I was placed on the entry level of the barn and found that my assumptions were true.  There are at least a few customers who follow the crowd into the barn and don't really realize that the basement or 2nd floor over the restaurant even exist.  Anyway, being in the barn meant that from about 10 to noon there is a large influx of people so sales were good.  After that things calm down, people go for lunch and the afternoon is hit or miss.

Customers here tend to be older, many appear well-to-do, and a lot of them pay with cash.  There were 4 home decor vendors around me, 5 if you count the slate paintings, and all were doing a great business.  I get the impression that holiday decorations, shabby chic furniture, and knitted and stuffed country style animals is the big draw.

This show is $75 with an additional $15 charge for electricity.  And most locations need lights.  There is an entry fee of $4 and they probably get 700-800 people if the weather is good.

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