Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jewelry Artist Storage -- The Satisfaction of Being Organized.

I'm not making jewelry at the moment, actually not for a couple of weeks now.  Even if I needed to I just haven't had time.  But last week I did spend some time organizing my work area.  Oh, those hoarder shows are soooo inspirational!

I'm usually pretty organized -- a place for everything and everything in its place so I can find it again.  Yes, that library mentality.  But when I'm working, my space is chaos.  And somehow I'm not bothered by it as I'm so "in the moment".  During this last round of creations, though, I bought a few new toys (there's always something new that you just need to try) and there was just no place to put them. And, as I didn't have time to clean up, the room was a mess.

Wandering into Pier One last month I came across a cabinet that was on sale as the right side door wouldn't stay closed all the way.  It looked spacious and the doors folded back against the sides exposing the whole interior.  It was almost 1/2 price and I had a vision.

Hubby is pretty handy. So I ordered some of those wooden roll out trays and we customized the cabinet.  It not only holds most of my tools and equipment, I can pull out the trays and have lots of stuff visible and within arm's reach.

Unfortunately I didn't take any "before" pictures.  But these pictures are what it looks like once I get everything hidden away.  Of course it won't stay that way once I start working again. But in between creative periods I can actually let our new cat into the room.