Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Malmo Festival--Largest Festival in Sweden

My husband and I just got back from a vacation in Denmark.  We were there primarily to watch our oldest daughter graduate with an MBA from the Copenhagen Business School.  If you have "friended" me on Facebook you'll see lots of pictures from Denmark and our little side trip to Iceland.

But while in Denmark, we took a short train ride to Malmo, Sweden.  It's just over the border from Denmark and we happened to be there for the last day of a week long festival that's billed as the largest in Sweden.  Supposedly over a million people attend during that week.
It's not a handcrafts festival.  Actually I only saw a few booths but they were resellers from other countries.  It's all about fun and food from what I can tell.

I didn't see any carnival type rides.  Just this opportunity for anyone to try the high trapeze.  She was harnessed and there was a net below.  But do you think you'd ever see this around here?

This guy balanced anything on his chin.  This was a full sized stove.

No, I didn't try any.  Not sure what they were selling as it was all written in Swedish.