Monday, April 16, 2012

April Miscellany


It's been a very busy month though I now have to look at my calendar to remember what kept me so busy.  I'm also a week away from my Paris vacation and have piles of clothes and things around my bedroom that I might take.  Final decisions will be made later this week.

My parents' house is now on the market.  Hubby and I went there 2 or 3 times to do some landscaping, vacuuming, and fix the back door.  It now has a sign in front and everything.  Our agent had an open house yesterday so I'm anxious to hear if she got any bites.  The house at the end of the street seems to have sold for about $16,000.00 less than they were originally asking. I think that's a good sign.  If our sells for the same amount, it will be good.

The Artisans of Western Mass. finally found a venue for a craft fair we've been trying to have for about 2 years.  We've signed a contract with the Pushkin Gallery in Greenfield.  We did have a smaller show a couple years back in Northampton, but this, we hope, will be the beginning of a yearly event.  Local ARTery will take place on Saturday,  May 19, from 10-5.  Check the website for a list of artisans who will be there.

In the meantime, my gardening skills have tanked.  I haven't grown any vegetables for 2 years because of soil issues.  This year I find that my tulips are only producing leaves.  Doing a little research online I find that there are a number of reasons why this is.  Mostly it's that the bulbs have been damaged by soil, temperature or some other conditions.  I pulled a couple of them out and found that they looked like someone took a bite out of them.  Could it be those nasty squirrels?

Tulip plants starting to grow, surrounded by grass and leaves.

Anyway, I've decided to just pull them all out and plant some new ones in the fall.

Jansjems next craft event will be on April 21 on the Amherst town common. The Sustainability Festival is a yearly event that promotes clean energy and sustainable products.  We'll be there with our steampunk jewelry along with a few other AWM members.  We have lots of new designs to pick from so stop by our tent and look around.

As for the rest of the week,  I'll continue working on regaining some of my high school French for the trip.  
Au revoir jusqu'à ce que mon prochain poste lorsque je vous apporteraides photos de ma vacance Parisienne.  A bientot.