Arts and Crafts Show Reviews 2012 -- June and July

Old Deerfield Summer Craft Fair

Old Deerfield Craft Show's new sponsor is Ford and there is nothing subtle about them.  I didn't see Yankee Candle anywhere so after many years it appears they've backed out.  Also, an ATM machine available belonged to Chicopee Savings--not a local Franklin County Bank.  There's probably a very good reason but I still tend to wonder about such things.

The fair looked better this June compared to 2011.  If you look at last year's review the organizers filled space with a local Gutter Guard dealer.  I didn't see him this year. Muddy Mary filled that spot instead.   Empty space normally filled with craft booths was taken up by a dinosaur exhibit (artisans were encouraged to create something with a dinosaur theme) and a large area with children's activities--a much better use of the space.  Traffic on Saturday was better than last year and I noticed people buying.  There were several bead jewelry vendors selling lower priced pieces and their booths were filled.  Sha Sha Beads in particular had lots of buyers for her gemstone strand bracelets at $20.  She makes wonderfully unique wire wrapped pendants at very affordable prices but the mass produced bracelets were getting more attention when I stopped in.

Old Deerfield claims it gets between 4000-7000 people for this show.  The parking lot at Channing Bete was pretty full and Yankee Candle had about 20 cars.  When I returned the Yankee lot had about 40 cars so traffic must have gotten better later in the day.  People on my bus came on carrying bags--a good sign.  Sunday was free for fathers so maybe that helped increase traffic for that day.

This year's show had 106 vendors. I know at least one artisan was contacted a week before the show and told they still had space so I think they really tried to get more. There were several jewelry vendors, a few glass booths, some really nice furniture, and a couple of people selling plants.

Cost for a booth at this show runs from $285 to $345, there's a $10 application fee, and there are additional charges if you need to park a camper or large truck.

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