Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Steampunk from a Man's Perspective

So we had a little steampunk making party with the hope that the combination of stash from 2 houses would inspire new designs. We hadn't counted on JB coming along with my daughter. And he brought his own stash. It was interesting to watch a man try to create women's jewelry. You would think that hands that work on engines might have a hard time with dainty little seed beads.
But...well you decide.

Granted his stash had some pretty unusual stuff. He brought a box of different kinds of fuses with a packing slip dated 1952. So they're old! And unlike any fuses I've ever seen.
The thin, flat discs of mica were just the right size for earrings.

And here's a new use for drywall screws. They look positively feminine!

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