Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's Next?

In my new incarnation as a jewelry designer my focus is often on the next show or the next piece or next year. I have 3 shows left (4 actually as Kris is doing one alone near Richmond, VA) so I've started looking at my list of shows to see which ones I'll be applying to again and which will be eliminated. Some applications are actually due in early January. If you've read my show reviews you can probably guess some of the hits & misses.

My next challenge will be to start working on some silver clay designs. I have a notebook of pictures and sketches some of which I hope to turn into real jewelry.

We've had a good year so far so my next big expense could be a trip to Tucson to the world's biggest gem show. I say "could" as I'm not sure it makes sense to go there anymore. The gemstone jewelry doesn't sell as well as either the steampunk or the silver clay so I really shouldn't be buying beads anymore. But I really love creating gemstone designs so I find myself in the same pickle as many other artisans. Do you make what sells or what you love to create?

The next step in a business like mine is to consider selling wholesale. I've had some shops express an interest in the steampunk & I actually will be talking to a couple between Thanksgiving & Christmas. This a big step as it means raising my prices. It could also mean I would need to increase my inventory.

So, with all that looming ahead, I've decided instead to clean closets, pull out my winter clothes, and sort several boxes of pictures. It's just too much to think about right now.

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