Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Saving Money by Not Going To Gem Shows

As all the steampunk designs are in Virginia (still waiting for news how that show went), I decided to create some new designs from items I still have left in my stash of watch parts and vintage jewelry. Who knows. She might have sold out.

Just as I'm thinking I may have to visit Ebay for supplies, my older daughter has found a new source for watch parts and we split the booty this afternoon. He's local and apparently may have more.

I took my sewing machine down to West Springfield to have it cleaned and tuned up. It hasn't been done in many years. Mark, knowing that we make steampunk, put together a box of vintage sewing machine parts for us. Thanks Mark! I'm trying to get my husband to make a steampunk sculpture out of the bigger pieces that we can't use for jewelry.

And have you ever been in Forever XXI in the Holyoke Mall? Well they have gaudy jewelry with lots of bling. Lady Gaga would love it. It's also very affordable! So I bought a 4 strand chain necklace and got 16 feet of chain for half of what I'd pay for it at A.C. Moore.

All in all it's been a productive week.

I'm not sure that the Steampunk Genre is becoming more popular, but there are certainly more people familiar with it. Even people my age (old people) recognize it more often at craft shows. But for those of you who think it's just about jewelry, check out

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