Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Craft Show, Same Theme Song

Weather couldn't have been better for the Old Wethersfield Fall Craft Show at Cove Park. We were among 100 artisans displaying a good variety of arts & crafts. We had a good day and met some nice people.

As usual I took some time to walk around and talk to other crafters. It's always good to get an opinion of a show from people who have done it before. It was our first time there. And once again I heard from 3 separate vendors that traffic and sales were less than last year. We heard that same song in Lenox and again in Old Deerfield. The economy certainly wasn't any better last year yet I think that because it hasn't made a momentous rebound, people are even more cautious than ever.

Susan from Three Sisters Jewelry has been doing this show for years. She designs what she refers to as "outrageous" jewelry. It's actually a nice mix of vintage pieces and gemstones and quite wearable. She said that she missed the excited conversations of customers who spot a new design or unique item and call over to their friends to see it. People were quieter, more introspective, and thought hard before actually purchasing something. We had one customer return 3 times to look at a bracelet before she finally gave herself permission to buy it.

Perhaps because this was our first year in Wethersfield and our steampunk jewelry is still quite new to most people, we had a successful day. And, fortunately, our prices are still in line with what people will spend on a unique piece of jewelry. But what will next year bring?


  1. Sounds like the craft show circuit is not doing so great for most people right now. I wonder how my crocheted jewelry would have done?!...I'm glad to hear that you did well though!

  2. I'll have to look up Three sisters jewelry. Sounds interesting.

    Doesn't sound like you are ready to throw in the towel though Jan. Even if you are not getting the high sales you hoped for, you are still doing pretty well I think.

  3. Yes, we did all right. As for 3 sisters, Susan's jewelry is not online yet. Too bad. It's unique.