Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prize Winning Polymer Clay Artist

I'm often impressed by the work of other artisans I meet at the craft shows I attend. While exhibiting at the Mattoon Street I had a chance to walk around and talk to people. After a brief conversation with a woman who was leaving the food court, I decided to see what she created to sell at the festival. I'm so glad I did.

Kathleen DeQuence Anderson creates colorful patterns in polymer clay. Some of her jewelry has a tribal feel while her boxes, to me, look more modern. With clay in hand she also takes the time to demonstrate to customers how she combines canes of clay into the blocks that she cuts to create her designs. I'm still not certain most people realize the time, forethought, and patience this process requires.

Fortunately the Mattoon St. Committee appreciated her work. They award prizes in each category represented at the show and Kathleen took first place in jewelry. I was not surprised when I saw the ribbon hanging from her tent.

Kathleen lives just down the road in Amherst so, hopefully, I will see her again on the craft fair circuit.

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  1. What a beautiful necklace!! I would have loved to see the rest of her pieces. She looks like a true "Artisan"! Thanks for sharing. :-)