Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Asian Party in South Deerfield

Some of you know that my husband is really into landscaping. This has led him to bonsai classes which turned into lots of pretty little trees which eventually compelled him to turn half our backyard into a Japanese garden. And then, of course, it just wasn't right for our sunroom, which overlooks the Japanese garden, to be anything but Asian in design.

Lots of people have stopped over to look at the garden and many others have said they'd love to see it. So he had a party this past weekend and invited a number of our friends. It had an Asian theme with Saki, Japanese beer, sushi, and Asian food from a local restaurant.

I was at the Old Deerfield Craft Show so he was pretty much on his own. Though I have since found out that John, Tom, Ron, Rick and probably other "Hoopsters" helped him out a "little".

So I came home Sunday night, changed into a kimono borrowed from Donna, and sat down to a glass of plum wine, good food, and pleasant conversation. I was surprised to find a few other guests wearing some Japanese inspired clothing too.

Two of our neighbors had brought binoculars to watch the white goats that appear each night at sunset in the rocky area of Mt. Sugarloaf. We have a good view of them from our house.

And there were lawn games, of course. And a prize of one of Ed's bonsais was given to the participant who accumulated the most points -- our neighbor, Dave! I'm sure Rosie is thrilled.


  1. Looks like a good time with good food!! Too bad we couldn't see the bonsai that was won!! :-)

  2. No one ever thought to photograph it or the winner.