Thursday, December 2, 2010

Year End To Do List

The year is almost over. I get really busy 2 weeks before Christmas with decorating, baking, Christmas shopping, and house parties. Mom comes to visit for a few days. So I'm trying to get my year end chores done now before I no longer have time. It's not hard work, just not much fun.

I could wait until January, I suppose. Unfortunately, unlike Irma here, I seem to be very disciplined; a remnant leftover from 37 years of obsessive/compulsive supervision in the library.

The silver clay I bought is burning a hole in my stash box and there's a new kiln in the garage. My plan for January is to create silver clay pieces and set up my own website. Nothing more.

So in the next few days I'll--
**Go through ALL my inventory to be sure my lists of what I still have are accurate.

**Weed out some of the oldest pieces to either be dismantled or redesigned.

**Check for things that need any repairs.

I'd replace some of the most worn tags, but I'm all out. Which means...
**I need to make a list of what supplies (tags,bags,boxes, etc) to buy going into next year and place orders.

**Get my income/expense spreadsheets up to date for my own records as well as for the tax accountant. He likes things nicely itemized.

**Pay the sales tax I owe to the Mass. DOR and make the last yearly payment to Connecticut.

**Pay my business property tax to the town of Deerfield.

**Create new inventory spreadsheets for 2011 that include "in stock" items & that I can add to.

**File away all receipts and tax info from 2010.

**Start a new list of potential craft fairs to apply to.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make this part of having my own business seem more like fun, let me know.