Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Santa and the Family

Yes, I've been busy since the library craft show. Christmas is coming fast and I spent a few days decorating, baking cookies (dozens of cookies), and cleaning in preparation for Christmas guests.

Mom & my youngest daughter are both coming in on Thursday. So here I am 3 days before Christmas getting ready to hit the grocery store for supplies for the weekend.

We still celebrate the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner called Wigilia. My sister-in-law and I switch off and each year provide pierogi, kapusta, zur and other meatless dishes as well as pastry. It's one of the days that the entire family comes together and we wish each other good things for the New Year.

As I'm really hoping to get started after Christmas on some new silver clay designs, I've also been shopping for a few little things I still need--long handled tweezers, fine silver wire for jump rings, a bezel pusher and burnisher. I can't wait. Yes, I'm even going to attempt to set stones. Now I just need a large block of time to set up and roll out the clay. So while everyone else is anxious for Christmas, I'm actually more anxious for the week after Christmas.

Wishing everyone who finds the time to read this blog a very Merry Christmas!

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