Saturday, December 11, 2010

So Nice to be Back (But Just for a Little While)

The craft show circuit brought me back to the Umass Library. Funny how I can't seem to stay away. The main floor was packed with students and all the computer stations were occupied. Except for the Circulation Desk and department now on the main floor, nothing has changed.

The Social Committee once again sponsored a gift fair and invited Jansjems to attend. This year they advertised campus wide. With the prospect of greater traffic than usual, there were 10 vendors this year (up from 6). The library's student workers also had a table and were doing a brisk business selling muffins and cup cakes. As someone who forgot to pack a lunch, I suggested they sell sandwiches next year.It was nice to see people I used to work with all of whom asked how I like retirement. Well, what's not to like? I chatted a little with Jay who always stops in to check these things out.

Karen, Eva, Rebecca, and Barbara did their rotations at the raffle table. The committee raised $100 for the Friends of the Library. And Barb was nice enough to take pictures and send them to me.

I was happy to see Scott finally selling the beads he often talked about when I was still working there. His lampwork beads are beautiful and, of course, I bought several. They're going to work really well with the silver designs I'm planning. I know I bought his best ones. Well, Scott, you'll just have to make more--in blue next time.

Thanks for inviting me back. That was fun.

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