Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is Jansjems Becoming??

We celebrated our group presence at the Sustainability Festival in Amherst with a group photo of "almost" everyone. Zoe and Katie were still busy selling when this was shot.

Aviva and Karen shared a tent.
We were next to Helen of Thimbletopand across from Nicole's lovely paintings.

And Lou's Upcycles, who seems to be everywhere lately, was just a few booths away.

Not knowing what or whether people would buy, I brought primarily steampunk--eco-friendly jewelry for the eco-savvy. We still attract people who are surprised at what we do with broken watch parts, a few beads, skeleton keys and wire. I, of course, think the jewelry is not only unique and artistic but wearable. It was nice to find so many customers who agreed.

However, the popularity of this genre of jewelry is causing me to have an identity crisis. I'm looking for my niche.
Am I the genuine gemstone and precious metal jewelry designer? Yes.
Am I the creator of precious metal clay pendants? Yes.
Am I an alternative art, wearable collages, steampunk artist? I was this past weekend.
And I love them all.
Can I have several niches without looking like I don't know who I am?

The goal line doesn't just keep moving, it keeps changing directions.


  1. You forgot Website Designer and World's Best Mom. :) You can be anything you want to be.

  2. You can just be The Maker of Cool Stuff, and let that be as specific or as broad as you feel like at the time. :)