Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wearable Collages

I'm getting excited about this year's lineup of craft shows. I managed to get into 2 that didn't accept me last year. I'm also trying a few new ones based on personal visits or reviews from other artisans. Getting into some of these craft shows can be an ordeal. You need stand out pictures, essays, and artists' statements. And when the jewelry category has more competition than any other and fills up first, you need to think out of the box.

So this year I sent pictures of my steampunk pieces. Every show has a group of jewelers who create with gemstones and wire and we all get lumped together even when our styles are very different. Steampunk (or "wearable collages" for the higher end shows) doesn't have as much competition. It's still a novelty to many people outside the metropolitan areas. And although I started creating jewelry from recycled found objects on a whim, I find that it's been useful to have 2 very different styles of jewelry at 2 different price points, AND pictures of a more unique style of jewelry for the craft show applications.

So if you enjoy shopping for handmade, check out some of the shows I've listed over in the left column. None are very far away and they all will have large numbers of very talented artisans.
And if you do, stop by and say "hi".

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