Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Photo Shoot

A friend who used to create stained glass ornaments and decorations was cleaning recently. Knowing I recycle vintage finds into jewelry she brought over a couple of kits for small stained glass windows. The shrink wrapped pieces were supposed to become a pink fleur-de-lis design. Well they have now become earrings and this double strand necklace.

I've still got several skeleton & vintage keys. This one embellished with blue beads is a favorite. It's simple and current.
But I haven't given up on traditional jewelry. I recently designed a bracelet with these large labradorite rondelles and thought they would make a terrific necklace. And they do.

So as you can see I'm still working on my pictures. I spent a good part of Saturday on these until the light got bad. Picasa editing helps some but they're still not perfect. Anyone have any suggestions for how I can improve my photography?

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