Saturday, March 27, 2010

Importance of the big C in any business.

Why is communication always such a problem?

It's one of the topics in the library's self assessment survey and so one of the problems the library will try to resolve. People on one floor often don't know what's been decided on another floor. One supervisor questions another without including the people actually doing the work in the conversation. Information filters down in the form of gossip.

When I started doing craft shows I knew that some were organized better than others and contact with show organizers might be difficult. So far I've been fortunate and have dealt with professional people who respond in a timely manner and answer my questions thoroughly and politely. Until now...
How does a craft show production company that organizes 8 or 9 shows every year do so with so little regard for vendors. They've taken my money and though they promised to confirm my status in a few days, tell me nothing for over a month. I would simply assume that the show will go on and that I will be appearing except for the recent drama that has come to my attention.

Seems people involved in organizing these shows have parted ways. I have received communication from the one who left advertising her new company and all the shows that she will be producing in the same part of eastern Mass. And these shows are in the same towns and have dates coincidentally close to those of the original production company. While the new company is happy to tell me that they don't know if my show will actually happen, I can't get a response to my emails or phone messages from the original company. Ads and information, however, still appear on the web.

This is just poor business practice. Something is very wrong out there and someone needs to reassure vendors that it's all under control. Or maybe it just isn't...?

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