Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gift to the Backyard Animals

I'm only home a few days each week now and my garden is suffering.  Since we joined CISA and get our veggies from a local farm, I haven't felt guilty about not planting vegetables this year.  I just wouldn't have the time.  But my perennial garden is lush and I've got a nice selection of herbs out near the fence.  And they cry for me to weed and thin and just pay attention to them.

Sensing my neglect, a rabbit has taken up residence in my backyard.  I would've thought he'd prefer a yard with a vegetable garden, but I guess this one is a gourmet.  He/she's eating the tops off of several of my flowers.  Because of him/her I probably won't have lupins again this year.  Anytime one of the plants sprouts a few leaves, they're gone the next day.

Where there's one rabbit, there are probably several.  And this one is no exception.  My neighbor says he has seen baby rabbits in his yard recently.  So I guess that means more mouths to feed.  The garden will be much less colorful this year.

And don't  get me started on the digging this little guy has been doing.  He's planting oak trees that are sprouting!!  My husband saw him chasing a crow out of the yard yesterday.  Territorial little terror.

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