Saturday, June 4, 2011


Feeling very guilty about not having written in such a long time, I'm posting a quick FYI to let people know that I haven't abandoned the blog nor have I stopped creating jewelry. My life has just taken a detour that I hope will be temporary as I'm lately preoccupied with family health issues.

My mom has now been to the hospital 3 times since March and been forwarded to rehab 3 times as well. She has issues with unmanageable pain that no one seems to be able to help her with. She's presently in a facility that is not only rehab but long term care. It's focus is a bit different and they seem to be more attentive to her needs. I still have to show up weekly, check on her progress, meet with doctors and therapists, occasionally do laundry. The drive is 70 miles each way. And we're still paying rent on her assisted living apartment where she hasn't spent much time.

I stay at mom's old house and while I'm there try to do some cleaning to get the place ready for sale. Going through memorabilia, pictures, and old things is emotional and exhausting.

I've found some more fabric and vintage lace at the old homestead that I'll be selling in my Fabricoutlet shop on Etsy. But that means I have to take pictures and spend a few hours on the computer lising them. It's hard when my gardens are calling me to weed and all I really want to do when I'm home is veg out on the couch reading a book.

Looking forward to this year's first big craft show next weekend. Celebrate West Hartford is a great show. People come no matter what the weather and the organizers are organized. So I will try to spend some time going through my stock and deciding what to take. If you're anywhere near West Hartford on June 11 & 12, visit the craft show. There is a wonderful variety of excellent artisans and crafts people.

Hope to be writing again sooner.


  1. I understand totally, about taking the time to take care of a parent. We're kinda going through the same thing right now too...with two sets of parents. His and mine. One of the spouses is also in a facility right now too. :-( ... Have a good show in West Hartford. That's kind of old stomping grounds for us, in Connecticut. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I've heard from lots of friends also facing challenges with parents. It must be that time of life. It's difficult but necessary.

  3. Jan sounds like you are juggling a lot these days. Hard to believe your mom has 3 places right now- the house, the assisted living apartment, and the rehab place. I'm guessing she's not loving all the moving around too much. Sorry you are getting the brunt of that.

    Looks like you should have good weather for the show in West Hartford this weekend. Good luck!