Sunday, March 13, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere!!

There is a small sinkhole in front of my house.  It's just another indication of how much water we've gotten in the last week.  I keep reminding myself about how important water is in maintaining life as news reports keep popping up about the devastation from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Grateful that I'm not living in Japan at the moment, or even on Meridian St. in Greenfield, I  continue to work on drying out my own basement as water continued to leak in as late as yesterday morning.  We have a high water table so we get water occasionally along with many of our neighbors.

I visited Mom yesterday and brought her a new wet vac.  Fortunately her basement isn't really finished though her washer & dryer are down there. The sump pump was going off every 30 seconds and she still had pools of water here and there.  I vacuumed what I could but when I left it was still leaking in slowly.

So Hubby thinks all we need to do is sink a sump pump somewhere outside to solve our leak problems.  I prefer to bring in the professional home waterproofing people and get their opinion first.  I'm sure we need to have some cracks in the foundation patched as well.

The smell of a wet rug is not nice.  But blow dryers work pretty well.  I wish I had about 10 of them to speed up the process.


  1. I sure hope it doesn't get any bigger. I live in an area that used to be a creek. So basically all our homes are in a dry creek bed. When it rains a lot, it floods, and so does everyone's houses and the streets. But not mine because luckily I live on a hill. I feel bad for the homes and business that always have to clean up after flooding tho.


  2. Well I don't live on a creek but in the spring it sure feels like I do. Glad you found high ground.