Monday, March 21, 2011

Pictures of an Old Fashioned Polka Dance

They came from Hadley and Chicopee. They came from Connecticut. They even came from Albany. Yup, Albany, NY.  People I don't see very much anymore mixed with locals I see more often.  They crammed into the local Polish Club until there was standing room only.  And they loved the bologna and fried onion sandwiches.  But mostly they danced.
My husband, John, and Terry, who recently brought Asian cooking to the Polish Club's Saturday lunches, came together yet again to organize the first Hard Times Polka Dance where $2 was the price of admission or bought you a bologna & fried onion sandwich.

 ♫Za dwa dolary, hey, za two bucks! ♫

And people came in no small part due to the help of several radio celebrities who let the world know about the dance.

Helen (WMUA on Sundays) came with a group of her friends.


And Billie (WMUA on Saturdays) came out of seclusion to join us.

Chef Don, John's brother, volunteered to cook for our event.

Do you think we'll have enough bologna?

Nancy & Rich manned the gate. 
Terry & Sue handled the 50/50 raffle

Mark VI never sounded better.  That's Eddie N. (without the Hawiian shirt) playing 2nd trumpet for awhile.

Steve is the leader of the band.                                              Tommy on keyboard.

John, who only a few weeks ago made the best fried rice, played the drums.

And here's my Eddie.  Did they make him audition before they brought him up on stage?

OK.  I guess he made the grade.  Here he is adding a second accordion to the mix.

 At some point even Tommy's son, John, joined in for a couple of numbers.

Speaking of party is complete without Mitch who joined the band for a couple of songs.

It was great to see Patty & Ernie and friends.

Then the line dancing started....

Debbie, one of our friends from New York, brought a bit of history with her... Eddie, Billie, and Mitch back around 1974.  Would you believe?!!!  They weren't exactly The Beatles but they were cute.

Thanks Steve.

We may have to do this again.  What are you doing NEXT March?

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