Monday, July 26, 2010

Lesson in Marketing -- Less is More

When I first started doing craft shows I tended to display as much jewelry as possible. My theory was that I didn't know what the customers were looking for so the more I had out the better the chance they would find something. Over the last couple of years, my daughter, who comes to all these shows with me, has been trying to convince me to display less. So this weekend we tried a little experiment.

Our jewelry made from recycled found objects, i.e. steampunk, pretty much sells itself. It is so unique and artsy that it appeals to everyone. Even men who won't ever wear it stop and smile and comment on it. So on Saturday we sold lots of steampunk but only 3 pieces of traditional jewelry.

Our customers were primarily well dressed women between 30 & 65. My display of traditional jewelry was minimalist, in my opinion, but Bethany felt we needed more "white space." Her display on Sunday was even cleaner and her thinking was that we would sell more of the traditional jewelry if we made the pieces seem more special. And we did.

We sold equally as many traditional pieces of jewelry as we did steampunk. So I guess I'll have to get over my fear of empty space on the display tables.


  1. I think Bethany might have a point. Since what you are selling is handmade you don't want to overcrowd your space. Having fewer things out at once will make it seem more "special" and unique. Then if someone asks for something you can always pull it out, and you can pull more out as items get sold.

  2. I think it looks very nice.


  3. Can't argue with the numbers. :)