Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finding Our Customers

We're heading West this weekend, to Lenox, MA. for the yearly "Church on the Hill Fine Arts & Crafts Fair" and hoping for some sunshine for a change. My tent just dried out from the last show.

We found some typewriter keys for our steampunk line.
And we'll have our usual collection of gemstone & precious metal jewelry.

It's been a 3 year journey so far, trying to turn this hobby into a business and finding our customers has always been Goal #1.

So far we found that we are most successful at shows that--
1. focus on arts and crafts (not wine tasting or music).

2. are higher end shows. These are harder to get into because there is so much competition in the jewelry category.

3. are juried (and usually cost over $100 for a booth space.)

This year all our shows except one fit those criteria.

We found the sale of our steampunk jewelry has surprised us by really taking off. There aren't many local artisans making this particular style of jewelry so we have little or no competition. Our prices are reasonable. And this unique jewelry seems to appeal to all ages and economic levels. The woman who purchases the $125 gemstone necklace also buys a steampunk piece because "it's so different!"

Check out our list of shows in the right column for one closest to you. And maybe we'll see you in Lenox on July 24 & 25.

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