Monday, January 25, 2010

My split personality

Jansjems started out as gemstone and precious metal jewelry. It's what I love to make and wear.

So I started 2010 creating a few things using some ideas that have been bouncing around inside my head. Last fall I bought some gold filled curved tubes with this particular design in mind.

And as I don't make a lot of gold pieces, I designed this citrine and bronzite bracelet. And after looking around in my stash, I also put together a few other pieces.

But steampunk is just so popular that we ended last year with only about 6 items. So as I ran out of conventional ideas, it was really nice to have a box of watch parts and some keys from auctions I'd won. Creating from found objects is a bit more of a challenge as the pieces are all odd sizes, you rarely find 2 the same and attaching them together takes a little creativity as I don't do welding. But I really like these new pendants and I think the customers will too.

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