Sunday, January 31, 2010

Going back to NYC

My trips to New York City have now become an annual thing. I take one of my daughters for a long weekend and we shop for clothes, see a show, and explore if we have time. But this year I'll be taking both girls. Over the years we have all found some places we always want to go back to.

We've had some success at sample sales. We never see the same designer twice. But each year we take our chances with whoever is running a sale on our weekend and hope for the best. When we find some great deals in sizes we can actually wear, it's like winning the lottery.

I personally need to stop at the Garage Antique Mall on West 25th. I've been 2 or 3 times and have found some great vintage clothing and things that I can use in my steampunk jewelry. But I've never had time to explore the 2nd floor. So this year that's where I'm starting.

We never fail to find a bead store or two, even when we're not looking for them. Last year we bumped into Beads World on Broadway, spent about 2 hours in there, and found some great findings. I never thought I'd ever be buying anything but precious metals but since steampunk I'm always using copper and brass chains.
So while I wait for a discount rate at the Affinia Manhattan, right across the street from Penn Station, I'll be looking at Broadway show reviews and getting excited about going to the city again.

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