Friday, July 17, 2009

Week #5 -- Explore

So I spent a little time exploring suggested sites. I didn't get an account at either Rollya or the Library site. I looked around but really wasn't interested in what was there. I did try to create an avatar in Yahoo. I was able to do this and it shows up in some odd places as I travel around the site. But I wasn't successful in uploading it to my blog or my Yahoo email account. I tried a variety of ways and even used the Yahoo tutorial, but nothing worked. I did find a page that listed the changes in the new version of Yahoo mail that said that avatars no longer show. And as I don't really want the avatar in my blog, I just dropped it.

I walk for exercise but hate to just aimlessly walk around town. I prefer to have a destination--the post office, local dollar store, something I need from the market. I guess I'm not very good at just exploring sites for the same reason. I prefer to have something that I need to do.

So I'm moving on rather quickly to Week #6.

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