Saturday, June 22, 2013

Making Paper at The Daylily

The Artisans of Western Mass. have been advertising for a couple of weeks that one of our members would be conducting a workshop on making paper.  I know a lot of people have done this but I never have.  So I was fascinated by all the ingredients Donna Beck of 230am Studio used to create the pulp that eventually becomes paper.

She had 3 stations set up with blenders, water, and screens, lots of cloths and sponges for absorbing excess water, spices, pencil shavings, dried leeks, onion skins, and lots of different flowers.  Several people stopped by but I was particularly happy to see a couple of men arrive, one alone and one with his daughter.

Looks like spaghetti sauce but it became red paper.

I made a nice piece of tea green paper.  But the girls that came all opted for brighter colors with flowers and glitter, of course.

Many thanks to Bridget Heller of The Daylily for letting us use her back room.  It's a great space.  And the gift shop always has a wonderful selection of locally made hand crafted items and fine art.

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