Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AWM Presence at the Annual Stockbridge Arts and Crafts Show

Craft shows can be a lot of fun if you're lucky to have good tent neighbors or friends at the show.  I had both in Stockbridge.  Across the aisle from me was Beth Russo, fellow jeweler, and her friend Ellen who kept me entertained most of the day.  And several members of the Artisans of Western Mass. were in attendance as well.

Bethany was there to help me, as usual, so I got a chance to walk around and chat with people.  And she was nice enough to booth sit for Amy Love and Steve Nartowitz who were doing the show alone.

Amy had a nice spot in the shade.

I saw Steve a lot as he was near 2 of the most popular places at the show--the food court and the bathrooms.

Jody was situated behind Beth Russo so I could see her colorful clothing from my tent.

Tony is always so happy to have his picture taken.

I'm really going to be needing friends at the craft shows I set up at in the future.  Bethany, who has done every show with me for the last 4 years, will be moving away and, as children should do, will be moving on with her life.  These four years she's made it possible for me to get started selling at craft shows and, while at them, to walk around when I get antsy and to visit other vendors and network a little.

Bethany, I will miss you and the time we spend together.  I hope Denmark is the beginning of a lifetime of wonderful new experiences.


  1. How wonderful that you've had Bethany with yo all this time!...I wish I was healthy enough to take up the slack. I think we would have made great craft show neighbors! :-]

  2. Sorry you're not up to it. I'm sure we would have worked well side by side.

  3. I can't believe you made me cry at work.