Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Circuit Board Designs

Unlike my fine silver designs that have to be planned out before I even open the art clay, steampunk lends itself well to unplanned flashes of creativity.  I recently ran across some small circuit boards in my travels and asked hubby to cut one up into smaller pieces.  They laid for awhile on my workbench.  But each time I walked by I'd pull something out of my supply stash and lay it next to one of the pieces.  Eventually a design formed and I had to sit down to put it all together.

My daughter has created a few designs from green computer circuit boards that became quite popular.  But these are my first pieces.  

The boards are a bit older, perhaps from the 70s, and a nice shade of yellow.
I really like the way they look with black decoration but both gold and silver work pretty well too.
Jansjems will be showing off these new designs very soon at Crafts on the Common, a craft show in Amherst  sponsored by Big Brothers & Big Sisters.  The show takes place on July 14.  Stop by and see more of our steampunk/recycled collection of jewelry.


  1. Hope you have a good show on Saturday Jan. I have gone to that one before but plan to skip it this year.

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