Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Handmade with Love--February Edition

If you enjoy shopping for handmade crafts and maybe even sometimes buying handmade, you'll love this small craft show that takes place at Eastworks in Easthampton, MA, on Feb.11.   In a small room on the right hand side of the building you'll find a group of 20-25 local artisans exhibiting their work which runs from the traditional to the unique.

 It's only a few days to Valentine's Day so Jansjems will be there with every heart in our jewelry collection--hearts with pearls, fine silver hearts, hearts with gemstones, steampunk hearts, and even a few red & pink ones.
Placemats Quilted in Blue Batik Stripes
Easthampton has an Artwalk the 2nd Saturday of each month.  It doesn't start until 5pm so Eastworks would be a great place to stop earlier to take a stroll through Handmade with Love and maybe have an early supper at Riff's Joint.

Zig Zag Bead Embroidered CuffWhat kinds of things will you find at Handmade with Love?  Well, jewelry for sure.  And not just mine.  Heather Black and Amy Love have lovely gemstone jewelry.  Glimmerstone is a bead weaver and her work is truly unique. And there will be others.

Hot red and gold hand woven bagThe Little Birch Shop had body products.  You'll find sculptured paperworks, Lou's bags and wallets made from recycled plastics,quilted items, and purses from handwoven fabrics.

It's supposed to be sunny, so come on out to see us. There's no admission fee.

And the first 50 people through the door get free goodie bags.


  1. Good post, every item are very nice,Thanks for sharing.I also concern on Handmade jewelry.

  2. Is that heart one of your pieces Jan? Or someone else's? It's really pretty. I don't ever get over to Easthampton anymore, but hope the show is a good one!

  3. The heart pendant is mine, Rebecca. And the stone is a garnet.
    Tomelfort, your jewelry is lovely.