Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Virginia Vacation Pt. 1

This year has been a bit stressful.  Lots of distractions from what I'd really like to be doing--designing jewelry.  So I took my youngest daughter up on her offer to visit her in Virginia.  I closed both Etsy shops, packed a small bag, and flew (on really small planes) to Virginia.  

Central Virginia looks a lot like Western Mass. which is probably why I kept running into people who had moved there from various parts of New England.  Same scenery, similar lifestyle, but warmer climate (usually).

                                                       Christmas 2010
My daughter had a lot of things planned. On Friday we drove out to Richmond to do some shopping and participate in an art walk. Unique shops line about a mile of Cary St. (known as Carytown) where you can find high end boutiques, consignment shops, handmade chocolates, and arts and crafts.  I really enjoyed out pit stop at Sweet Frog.  I'd really love to see one of these frozen yogurt shops here is Wmass.  They carry unusual flavors of frozen yogurt and the  caramel with pecans on top was my favorite!

And we discovered one of the best bead stores I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot of them). Bangles and Beads has been around for about 20 years and it's definitely what every bead shop aspires to be.  Chuck full of strands of every kind of bead imaginable, it also has a full line of common and unusual findings.  If I lived in Richmond, I'd never have to shop online again.

We stopped for supper at Kuba Kuba.  This Cuban restaurant has won a number of awards over the years for being one of the best restaurants in Richmond.  I expected a high end, expensive place only to find that it's just a small (about a dozen tables) popular neighborhood restaurant.  And it's packed even before 5pm.  

After a couple of Cuban sandwiches we headed off to the first Friday Art Walk.  This too wasn't what I had expected.  Art was not only displayed in galleries but also in a second hand shop, a couple of empty stores, and on the street.  We saw strange paper mache art, deer legs (yup, real ones) stacked in a small tower, great political satire, and a little raunchy comedy.

 Shawn Huckins is responsible for these text message masterpieces.

I don't text message so I needed the gallery explanation to know what these said.  Can you figure them out?

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