Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey as a Side Dish

Thanksgiving is still a week away but I just did most of the grocery shopping for the event, anything that I can freeze or that will keep until then. I have a craft fair this weekend and my youngest daughter is coming home for a few days, so I try to get some things done early. I'll be cleaning house and baking on Monday & Tuesday.

We always have Thanksgiving at our house and we'll be about 14 at the table this year. Those craft show Lifetime folding tables sure come in handy as the dining room table only seats 10 uncomfortably. I usually have good attendance for Turkey Day. Is it about the great turkey I roast, or the pies, or maybe it's because the pumpkin soup is so yummy? No, it's all about my mom's stuffing. Everyone comes for the stuffing.

The year my dad died, Mom just wasn't up to making stuffing so I did. I have the recipe and I've watched her make it often enough but somehow it just isn't the same. It's that Babci cooking magic that somehow makes it better.

At my house the turkey is just a side dish.


  1. That's not true! I don't even eat the stuffing, I come for the turkey (and bacon) and your great soup.