Sunday, August 22, 2010

Often Imitated But Never Equaled

We were in Templeton this past weekend. It was our first time at this show. And while we were extremely disappointed in the number of resellers, we did find some talented people.

Elaine stopped at our booth while taking a break from her own. I had seen her floral pins in my quick walk through but hadn't met her. I'm so glad she stopped by and we had a chance to chat. Her brooches are a truly beautiful and unique product. And while others have started trying to copy her flowers, none are as nicely designed or as well made as hers.

Check out her creative use of zippers at ZipPinning on Etsy.


  1. WOW! Her flowers are absolutely beautiful. I'm a girl that likes a flower myself...and knows a good-looking one when I see it too!! :-) What a nice post!