Monday, May 3, 2010

Shoes as Art

On our way up Lafayette Street as we left Chinatown and headed toward Bond St. we came across a little shop that was so colorful and cheerful you just had to stop. It's called Irregular Choice, and it's a shop full of the most unique, artistic, and colorful shoes I have ever seen. But apparently they've been around for awhile, and we're a little late in "discovering" them. A quick google check and I found out that--

"In August 1999, Irregular Choice was launched from the quaint seaside town of Brighton on the south coast of England, by design entrepreneur Dan Sullivan. Dan was on a mission to change the way we see shoes and put his Irregular ‘stomp’ on the footwear world. Irregular Choice has since been named ‘The Lifestyle Choice of Fashion Footwear’ by Super Super mag and The Purveyor of Fresh, malicious and multicoloured shoes’ by WAD, They have also launched a flagship store in New York’s Nolita neighbourhood and a residence on London’s Carnaby Street."

I wish now that I had had the energy and time to stop and try on a few pair of shoes. While most are a bit too "unique" for me and my particular style, I do appreciate clothing that's a bit different. And there were some shoes in the shop that were more conservative in their decoration. Maybe I'll do a little online shopping when I have some time.


  1. Reminds me of the movie "Kinky Boots" Jan. I wonder if there is any connection. :-)

  2. Oh those shoes are just great!