Monday, September 21, 2009

Craft Fair Racket vs Quieter Library

On the flip side of the last post, sometimes the craft shows are really noisy. StART on the Street takes place on Park Ave. in Worcester. They block off a large section of the street next to Elm Park and over 200 vendors set up on the street and sidewalks. There are also 2 stages for music and dance performances and there's a strolling bag pipes player. While categories are limited, it's not a juried show. Therefore there is an incredibly eclectic mix of art and artisans. Someone who creates a few ceramic caricatures can be set up on a blanket across from an established high end painter. While there is the usual large group of jewelry designers in every genre, jewelry can also be found in the booths of ceramic and glass artists, knitters and sketch artists. It's just everywhere. And over 20,000 people attend and have a great time.

We were set up this year across from the large and noisy food court and near one of the stages. While louder than I would have liked, in general the music was pleasant and changed regularly from current pop to oldies to Latin. But at mid afternoon a performance art group arrived in white jumpsuits and face masks to create scenes from an alien abduction or alien scientific experiments. Truthfully, I didn't see the entire performance. But it was the high decible screeching guitars that truly gave the performance its eerie, unearthly feel. It also made it difficult to talk to customers and brought on a dull head ache.

So this morning I came back to work at the library and I have a whole new appreciation of the drilling going on next door. It's not nearly as loud nor as irritating as yesterday's alien invasion. And with my ear buds plugged into Maroon Five and Jason Mraz, it's almost peaceful here.

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