Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week #7 -- Wikis

This is one of the "23 Things" with which I'm actually familiar. Our Technical Services Division was tasked with creating a Wiki made up of procedures and information sheets that we use regularly in our work. This would allow someone not familiar with a job to have a source for information on how an item is processed or a list providing choices of things like vendors. It also allows us to easily change procedures in our agile (very much so lately) environment. I was appointed to the team and, as usual, had my doubts about whether I would be able to contribute.

Wikis, it appears, are not that complicated. Once you get used to their type of editing and learn to work around the unique spacing issues (it's not like editing a word document), it's rather easy. So I've added several documents to our Wiki.

But what I had never thought of was that there can be other uses for wikis, like the video camping trip. It never occurred to me to utilize it in any way other than an encyclopedia or dictionary that everyone can edit.

As a member of a local craft group, I can see where this would be very useful in the organization of an event, like a craft show. We are spread out all over the Pioneer Valley and communicate mostly via email. This certainly would be very helpful.

So I've added my blog address to the PBworks wiki and I'm moving on.

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